Blue Rocks Begin Energy-Efficient Lighting Renovation

PRESS RELEASE – The Wilmington Blue Rocks, Class A Advanced Minor League Baseball Affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, today announced their partnership with City Electric Supply (CES) by selecting the T5 Retrofit Kit, the most energy-efficient lighting solution on the market, to be installed throughout the property during the lighting renovation of Frawley Stadium.

Built in 1993 by Minker Construction Company, Frawley Stadium’s infrastructure features lighting fixtures which currently use outdated T12 fluorescent bulbs. The organization has taken an effective step toward an eco-friendly and energy-efficient future insuring sustainability to the original Frawley Stadium. “The Wilmington Blue Rocks are excited to partner with City Electric Supply and the Green Savings Company for this project.  We have been exploring ways to improve energy- efficiency and these two companies have provided a great, cost effective solution for us,” said Blue Rocks assistant general manager Andrew Layman.

“The T5 Retrofit Kit seemed like the perfect solution for the energy saving project the organization was looking for. It not only provided his facility with instant energy savings, but also qualified for an incentive from Energize Delaware’s Efficiency Plus Business Program,” said CES Sales Manager Al Subach. The order included 250 T5 Retrofit Kits, renovating 125 lighting fixtures on the premises, reducing the facilities lighting costs by 68% annually.  The organization will receive a $5,500 energy-efficiency lighting rebate from the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU), a nonprofit set up to help residents and businesses save energy and money while creating new jobs. The Blue Rocks retrofit project will deliver a complete return on investment in less than 12 months.

The Green Savings Company LLC, a leading provider of energy efficient lighting solutions, and City Electric Supply came together to provide the most beneficial lighting solution for the Blue Rocks organization, providing Frawley Stadium with the perfect alternative to the inefficient 4-lamp T12 fluorescent bulbs being used throughout the facility.  This initial order will provide lighting upgrades to the entire first floor of the stadium with the second floor concourse and third floor suites and restaurant to continue being retrofitted.  With lighting costs contributing to nearly 40% of all facility electrical energy usage, the T5 Retrofit Kit is the most dependable product to reach the goal of reducing the stadium’s overall electrical costs.

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