Northwoods League All-Star Game Logo Quietly Revealed


As you recall, it was announced just before Thanksgiving that the sophomore Wisconsin Rapids Rafters would host the 2011 Northwoods League All-Star Game on July 18 at historic Witter Field, but no logo was released.  With little fanfare, the logo has made an appearance on the Rafters’ website.  It is refreshingly top-shelf professional, particularly for the summer collegiate level of play.  Our caps off to the designer.

PRESS RELEASE – The top college baseball talent in the country will grace the confines of Historic Witter Field on July 17th and 18th next summer.  The Wisconsin Rapids Rafters, in conjunction with the Northwoods League, announced today that League’s 2011 All-Star Game will be held in Wisconsin Rapids.  Marshfield Clinic will sponsor the event, which marks the second year in a row that they will present the Northwoods League mid-summer classic.

The All-Star festivities will begin on Sunday, July 17th with the Marshfield Clinic Home Run Health Fest beginning at 2pm. The Marshfield Clinic Home Run Health Fest will include a fan home run derby contest, autograph session, and other interactive activities.  The Marshfield Clinic Home Run Health Fest will be followed by the Northwoods League Home Run Derby beginning at 4pm.  Following the Northwoods League Home Run Derby will be an exhibition game featuring the Field of Dreams Ghost Players.  The Ghost players will be available for autographs on July 17th.

On Monday, July 18th the Rafters will host a luncheon featuring the All-Stars which will be headlined by a TBD Hall of Fame caliber former Major League Baseball player.  The speaker at the luncheon will also be in attendance at the All-Star Game that same evening.  The Northwoods League North Division All-Stars will take on the All-Stars from the South Division in the League’s 17th Annual All-Star contest beginning at 7:05pm.  The League’s All-Star Game is the premier annual display of elite college baseball talent in the nation. To illustrate the talent at the game, over 50 Major League Baseball scouts attended the 2010 All-Star Game in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Rafters season ticket holders and Solarus Founders Club members will have the first right to purchase tickets for the All-Star events in the two-day affair.  A ticket to the All-Star Game on Monday, July 18th will be included in one of the Rafters two Nine Game Packages offered for 2011.  Ticket prices for the event will be the same as regular season games.
Additional special ticket packages for season ticket holders will be available, please call the Rafters office at (715) 424-5400 with any questions or for additional pricing information.

About the “Ghost Players”
The “Ghost Players” are a traveling group of dedicated individuals that carry the positive message of the “Field of Dreams”.  They perform and spread a unique form of ambassadorship in various places in Europe, Asia and America. The “Ghost Players” represent the players in the “Field of Dreams” and have shared the joy engendered by the movie to delight thousands of people.


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2 responses to “Northwoods League All-Star Game Logo Quietly Revealed

  1. Joe

    Just FYI the team is the Rafters and the city is Wisconsin Rapids. So technically it would either read “the logo has made an appearance on the Rapids(no ‘) website” or “the logo has made an appearance on the Rafters’ website.”

    Just clearin it up. Thanks for the story.

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