Cats’ Team License Plate Coming Soon

PRESS RELEASE – Ft. Worth Cats’ fans will soon be able to show their loyalty with an official team license plate on their vehicle pending Texas Department of Motor Vehicle approval.

The Cats and My Plates have combined to make this offer to fans across the state of Texas. Proceeds from plate sales benefit the state’s the general revenue fund of the state of Texas.

The official Cats plates start at $55 a year. The cost goes up if you want to personalize the plate. Prices depend on how many letters and numbers you need to spell out the combination you want and whether you buy the plates for a 1, 5, or 10 year term. You can even put official Fort Worth Cats plates on motorcycles, trailers, RVs and private buses. Or you can give them as a gift!

About three weeks after you order, the plate arrives at a county tax assessor’s office for pick up.

Create your plate at:
You can also call My Plates at 1-888-7MY-PLAT(ES), Monday to Friday 8a-6p.

Contact Kim Miller Drummond at 512.423.4237 or

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