Kalamazoo Returning in 2011?

Frontier League Commissioner Bill Lee has reportedly stated that the Kalamazoo (MI) Kings will be playing in 2011, and indeed the team is listed on the league’s recently released 2011 schedule, but there seems to be a little skepticism by local writer David Drew from the Kalamazoo Gazette, who has been unable to secure the answers he is seeking about the future of the team.  Read more here.

As we’ve said in the past, we wouldn’t be suprised to see the Kings close up shop or relocate at some point in the future.  For 2011, an adjustment could certainly be made to the schedule, if the Frontier League decided to adopt one of the three remaining teams from the dessimated Northern League.  The Schaumburg (IL) Flyers would seem to be the most likely target, if the ownership and debt issues can be worked out, as they were in Joliet (IL).

If the Kings were ever to disappear, we wouldn’t expect Kalamazoo to be without baseball for very long.  We have no doubt that the summer collegiate Northwoods League is lying in wait to snag the market to create a nice traveling partner for the Battle Creek (MI) Bombers.

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