Drillers Looking for Entertainer

PRESS RELEASE – As the second season at ONEOK Field approaches the Tulsa Drillers are hard at work to further develop the fan experience and entertainment provided during each home game. For the past fifteen seasons the Drillers beloved mascot, Hornsby, has been seen wandering the stands at Drillers Stadium and ONEOK Field. Serving as a team representative, Hornsby regularly participates in autograph sessions and photo ops, hosts birthday parties, attends community events, and is known as Tulsa’s predominant Hug Giver.

The Drillers are currently conducting a National Job Search and are seeking a creative, energetic, customer-focused individual with the ability to entertain and motivate. The performer should possess professional knowledge and interpersonal skills (especially with children). A qualified performer should be skilled in physical performance, including dance and spontaneous crowd-interaction. All qualified applicants will be required to participate in an invitation only audition to be held by the Tulsa Drillers, on February 14, 2011.

If you (or someone you know!) possess some of the traits listed below, it is possible that you could develop into an excellent performer!

« Athletic and physically fit
« Won an athletic sport letter in high school or college
« Comfortable dancing and have rhythm
« Have had professional dance training
« Previous acting experience
« Communicates well non-verbally (talks with their hands/body etc.)
« Makes others laugh without trying
« Great sense of humor
« Possess artistic skill(s) (writing, photography, painting/drawing, singing, acting, dancing etc.)
« Costume performance experience
« Gymnastic experience
« Received performer training

For more information on how you can be a part of the Drillers, please visit the link below, or send an e-mail to: Tulsa Drillers and put 2011 Mascot in the subject line.

Tulsa Drillers 2011 Mascot Coordinator & Performer

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