Sweets Unveil Borleske Stadium Expansion Plans

PRESS RELEASE – The Walla Walla Sweets will proceed with expansion plans for the 2011 season of West Coast League baseball at Borleske Stadium after deciding between competing construction bids. Several additions and improvements will be made at the stadium, one of the oldest in the Pacific Northwest.

The Diamond Seats behind home plate will expand from 80 to nearly 200. These seats will be sold in part as season tickets as well as being reserved for single-game sale. “Diamond’s were in such high demand last season that we felt an obligation to the community to build more,” said Sweets’ ticket sales and service manager, John Junke. In addition, a new press box will be built behind the Diamond Seats with room for four seating sections. Improvements will include a new sound system. “This was a major goal for us during the off-season,” added Sweets’ general manager, Zachary Fraser. “A lot of constructive criticism we received focused on the sound system, so we’re happy to upgrade to a system that we believe will please our fans.”

The right-field seating section will receive major upgrades as well. The right-field fence will be cut down to approximately four feet and a picnic pavilion will be nestled up against the fence. The picnic pavilion will be able to seat 74 people.

Directly behind the picnic pavilion will be a satellite beer garden. This will be the primary service point for box seat and Sweet Spot servers, cutting down their serve time significantly. It will also serve to alleviate strain on the Budweiser Beer Garden, located down the left field line.

A walkway separating the right field picnic pavilion and the satellite beer garden will lead to new bleacher seating in right-center field. This additional General Admissions seating will expand the GA section from under 800 to over 1,000. “We feel these additional seating options will better serve our fan base,” added Junke. “Our goal for 2011 is to provide an even wider variety of seating and entertainment options during Sweets’ games.” The overall expansion will increase capacity at Borleske from 1,600 to over 2,200. In 2010, the Sweets’ inaugural season, more than 40,000 fans packed the ballpark through the West Coast League season.

Non-seating improvements will be made throughout the stadium as well. The Sweets will add a walk-in cooler, ensuring that there is little to no wait time for cold beverages and after being re-stocked. Improvements to the Borleske Stadium Sweets Shoppe will include upgrades in the flooring, walls and lighting. The improvements will make the stadium shopping experience both easier and more enjoyable.

About the Walla Walla Sweets: 

Walla Walla Sweets is a professionally operated baseball club in the West Coast League. It is led by a group of civic-minded individuals with strong ties to the Walla Walla region and to the game of baseball. The Walla Walla Sweets will strive to provide their fans, sponsors, business partners, and investors with the very best in competitive baseball and entertainment, including atmosphere, comfort, food & beverage, safety, competition, fun and value. For more information, please visit www.wallawallasweets.com.

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