The Sandcastle: Abandoned and Under Assault, but New Life on Horizon?

Graffiti, damage and theft reign supreme at the former home of the indy pro Atlantic City Surf.  Since the team folded up shop in 2009, Bernie Robbins Stadium, also known as The Sandcastle, has been under assault by vandals, thiefs, drug dealers and the natural elements.  As we recall, it was the cash-strapped city that didn’t seem interested in keeping the team or saving the stadium, when it put the land on which the stadium sits up for sale.

We can only assume that the economy has kept developers on the sidelines, which is now forcing the city to deal with this community-owned asset.  It now appears that the city wants to revive the stadium for baseball and other events, but expect funding to remain an issue.  Read more and view many photos of the shameful deterioration here.

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One response to “The Sandcastle: Abandoned and Under Assault, but New Life on Horizon?

  1. I am very discussed that people dont care anymore, they will destory anything to make themselves fell better. I hope someone in Atlantic City that has a heart left, and money, and eitehr take care of the staduim or tear the stadium down.

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