Olsen Field to Become ‘Blue Bell Park’

The name of Texas A&M’s Olsen Field is slated to become “C.E. ‘Pete’ Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park,” after a $7 million donation from Blue Bell Creameries and two of its executives.  The contribution will help fund a major $24 million overhaul of the stadium.  Read more here.  Blue Bell ice cream is known throughout Texas but is not quite as delicious as Schwan’s.


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5 responses to “Olsen Field to Become ‘Blue Bell Park’

  1. Gil Renard

    If you are in Texas, run over to the local HEB, and pick up some 1905 Vanilla under the Creamy Creations Label.. Best vanilla ice cream ever!!

  2. Marcus

    Trying to figure out the reason for the Schwan’s reference in the blurb on Olsen Field. First of all, it’s not relevant to the story, and second, the assertion that Blue Bell “…is not quite as delicious…” is at best a mere personal opinion, one with which many (most?) who have tried both would disagree. The story is about Blue Bell and A&M. Unless they paid for a plug, the final sentence in the post is truly a throwaway (and if they did, it should be noted).

    • ballparkbiz

      Relax, Marcus. It was all in fun. In the name of full disclosure, I work for the company. Second, I also worked for a U.S. Senator from Texas, and I had colleagues who were fanatical about Blue Bell ice cream, almost as much as they were about being Texans. Consider it banter.


      • Shaun

        Then you should know better about Texans, Alan. And you know Blue Bell is in a league of its own and by far the “best ice cream in the country”. The little creamery that could in tiny Brenham, Texas, with only regional sales still outsells most national brands and is, in fact, the third best selling ice cream in America, even though it’s not available in most states.

      • ballparkbiz

        And here comes Schwan’s in retail stores in the South under their Edwards brand:


        Hey, it’s ice cream. It’s all good!


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