Curve Further Embrace Rail History with New Look

PRESS RELEASE – The Altoona Curve (‘AA’ – Pittsburgh Pirates) today unveiled their new identity at the Altoona Railroaders’ Memorial Museum downtown. A product of a four-month long creative process, the new primary logo, secondary logos, and color scheme were first witnessed by the team’s season ticket holders at an early evening event.

“When we started to think about a new look, we wanted to stay true to the area’s rail heritage and the name we share with our historic landmark,” said Curve General Manager Rob Egan. “At the same time, we wanted fresh designs that fans of all ages could identify with and find attractive.”

The new look pays tribute to the mighty Pennsylvania Railroad, the largest in America during the first half of the 20th century. Fans will enjoy the new primary logo featuring the club’s new engineer character over the famous Pennsylvania keystone icon. It’s believed the Curve is the first and only professional sports franchise in the commonwealth to use the keystone as part of its primary logo. The PRR’s workhorse, the K4 steam locomotive, provided the inspiration for the team’s new riveted ‘Curve’ lettering.

Another new emblem features a baseball steaming around a curved track forming the letter “C”, which celebrates Altoona’s world-famous Horseshoe Curve – a National Historic Landmark. A third logo is derived from the new engineer character’s hat – an old-time “A” on a keystone background.

Further honoring the area’s railroad ties is the new color scheme for the team: Railroad Red, Boiler Bronze, Charcoal Gray, and Soot Black.

The Curve’s on-field look will be unveiled in December with new home and road uniforms and new caps.

The new Curve logo designs were drawn from the imagination of Plan B Branding, a San Diego-grown creative ideas company specializing in storytelling and branding ideas. Partners Casey White and Jason Klein have dreamed up fresh looks for the World Series, Major League Baseball clubs, and premier Minor League Baseball clubs. Many of these teams set new merchandising records with Plan B creations.

“We selected Plan B because Casey and Jason truly understand Minor League Baseball and its culture,” said Egan. “It’s not about drawing some pictures in a distant office and hoping fans will like them. They took the time to really understand our area, our team, and experience here in Curve, PA before even putting a pencil to paper. From there, they worked with our staff in coming up with a unique and appealing look that further accentuates our history.”

The development process began in July when Klein and White met with fans, staff, and community members to learn about the stories, history, and personality of the Curve and Altoona. Plan B then developed the logos and uniforms and suggested enhancements to the fan experience at the ballpark.

“The new look embodies the imagination, tenacity, and ‘can-do’ spirit you’ll find only in Curve, PA,” said Plan B’s White. “It’s a rededication to the heritage of Altoona rail power.”

Merchandise featuring the new Curve logos will be available starting tomorrow (Tuesday November 23) at the Curve Store on the lower level of the Logan Valley Mall in Altoona (near Santa’s Village). Fans can also order online at the team’s newly re-launched website:

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