Maui Under New Ownership

It was announced on Saturday that the Golden Baseball League’s Na Koa Ikaika Maui baseball team has been acquired by Hawaii Baseball, LLC, an ownership group made of Harris Tulchin, Leroy Pettigrew, and Bob Young.  The three investors also own an interest in the league’s Orange County Flyers.  The Maui team was launched last year and owned by Xcellence in Entertainment (XnE) led by Michael Cummings.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Maui Under New Ownership

  1. IndyPolice

    We hope the trail of debt left by the Hawaii team will be paid…..

    • Mike Nolan

      … as well as the debt by almost all of the other teams in the North American League. I still think that the 3 leagues should disband.

    • Daniel

      well don’t hold your breath…as of June 11, 2011 Cummings still owes Prairie Sticks bat company close to 10k.

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