Golden League Absorbs Remaining Northern League Clubs?

Just when you think the Golden Baseball League is one breath short of the pine box, it ain’t.  It has been reported that the remaining four teams in the indy pro Northern League, including Rockford, Joliet, Schaumburg, and Lake County, have joined the Golden.  The report also indicates that the Golden will expand to four divisions, including the West Coast, Canada, Midwest, and Texas.   Read more here.


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3 responses to “Golden League Absorbs Remaining Northern League Clubs?

  1. ballparkbiz

    If a Texas division is truly on deck, that would be the only viable scenario for 2011. This would assume that the United League folds or there is a burgeoning partnership between the two circuits. If the latter, what would the GBL actually bring to the table that would make the relationship appealing to the ULB?

    • ballparkbiz

      Speculating further, it could be that the GBL was able to sell the Northern League (or the remaining Northern League teams) and the ULB leadership on the idea that going “national” would open the door to big sponsorship dollars. Considering where the NL and ULB are sitting right now, maybe they decided to take the idea of a national circuit for a spin? Keep in mind, having teams from sea to shining sea has always been the GBL’s dream.

      In this scenario, we would have to assume that teams would play solely in their region, except for maybe a four team championship series (with the four division champs) at the end of the season.

      If true, this all smells of desperation, not inspiration. All three leagues are on the brink, whether they want to admit it publicly or not. Can they survive? They have so far, but things are extra rickety now. A lot would have to fall into place for this scenario to happen successfully.

  2. Dan Krieger

    I wonder if the Texas teams could be those of United League Baseball.

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