Pecos League Officially Launches

PRESS RELEASE – The Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs was formed today with 8 teams, 6 franchises and 2 travel teams. The Pecos League is where the Land of Enchantment meets the Lone Star State, this West Texas/New Mexico League will feature the Las Cruces Vaqueros, White Sands Pupfish, Roswell Invaders, Del Rio Gunslingers, Alpine Cowboys, Clovis Pioneers are host franchises. Odessa Dragons and Carlsbad Bats will serve as travel teams.

Andrew Dunn is commissioner of the league.
Claudia Castillo is serving as New Mexico Operations Director.

Each team will play a 74 game regular season schedule beginning May 10, 2011 and ending August 10, 2011, with two 37 game halves. The winner of each half plus the two best overall records will qualify for the end of season playoffs.

The majority of players will range in age from 21-27 with teams allowed to carry 4 players over the age of 27. Teams are required to carry only 4 imports on active roster at any one time. The Pecos League will hold 20 tryouts beginning early 2011 to staff teams. Affliated scouts are also assisting Pecos Teams in locating players.

Salaries will vary between teams, players will receive housing and make an average salary of $100 per week and will work other part time jobs in their communities.

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5 responses to “Pecos League Officially Launches

  1. Come over to the Pecos League Fan Forum at . There you can ask your questions to Pecos officials as well as talk with other fans..

  2. Come over to the Pecos League Fan Forum at . There you can ask your questions to Pecos officials as well as talk with other fans..

  3. abrads2

    I dont know how they expect to keep the travel teams. They will generate no revenue since they will not have any home games.

    Also, why on earth is this league having their pitchers hit? Why not let those who are hitters continue to improve by utilizing the DH?

  4. IndyPolice

    Armchair QB’s….gotta love ’em….LOL

  5. KB

    I can tell your as excited about this as I am. Nothing like professional baseball where players make less than minimum wage.

    Really, one question remains. Which team will fold first? But seriously, I miss the Continental League.

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