No Rockin’ Like a Hurricane in Yuma in 2011?

Time is running out for the Golden League’s Yuma (AZ) Scorpions.  Jim McDermott, who has been working to purchase the team, has so far been unsuccessful at putting together an ownership group to buy the struggling club.  He is making a last-ditch effort to make the deal happen by soliciting Texas Rangers catcher Bengie Molina (and his checkbook) to become a partner in the ownership group.  Read more here.

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One response to “No Rockin’ Like a Hurricane in Yuma in 2011?

  1. IndyPolice

    Huh? StGeorge is done, Tijuana has no home or owner, Hawaii, are they still in business, they owe money to everyone, Chico has no home, Victoria is done and the league office are crooks that wear cheap suits……
    The is no brand value…..I’ll take Yuma off your hand! But the seller gives ME $500,000….LOL

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