Aces Name New GM

PRESS RELEASE – The Alexandria Aces have announced their new General Manager, naming long-time Alexandria resident, Aces’ employee and fan, Jodie White. Jodie will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Aces. The current ownership group member will lead the Aces as they start their second season in the Texas Collegiate League.

“I am thankful that the organization thought highly enough of me to entrust me with leading the Aces to a brighter future,” said Jodie. “This won’t be my first time doing this, but I will get great enjoyment out of seeing the Aces successful once again. I am primarily focusing on bringing additional fans to see the Aces in the second year of the TCL and solidifying the Aces organization as a strong organization. We need to bring the fun and excitement back to Bringhurst.”

Jodie worked with the Aces in the early 70’s, was a big part of bringing the Aces back to Alexandria in 1994, and continues to be a fixture at Bringhurst Field during the Aces’ games. It is rare when he is not at Bringhurst to watch the Aces. Now he will have a little more responsibility in maintaining the Aces and keeping the Aces as a successful organization.

This will be the first-year for the current ownership group to not deal with change, and having someone with the overall experience that Jodie has around the ballpark; the familiarity of the Aces’ fans and those needs; as well as oversight of the Aces on a daily basis will allow for further and continued success of the Aces.

“Jodie has been around Bringhurst Field all his life and understands what the ownership group is trying to accomplish at the field and with the Aces. We are very fortunate to be able to have Jodie participate in this capacity,” said Aces’ President & CEO Eric Moran.

The Aces and its local ownership group are looking forward to continuing to provide great, family-friendly entertainment to the Central Louisiana community. The TCL anticipates announcing the upcoming 2011 schedule by mid-December.

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