Indy Pro Ball Coming to Downtown Omaha?

Officials with the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority in Omaha (NE) continue to have talks with indy pro league investors to bring a team to TD Ameritrade Park, the new downtown home for the College World Series.  The Northern League appeared to be the frontrunner until the wheels came off the circuit a few weeks ago when four teams jumped to the American Association.

We think placing an indy pro club in TD Ameritrade would be a very risky move for any investor.  First, the soon-to-be-renamed Triple-A Omaha Royals will just be down the road in a brand new park.  Second, the annual lease at TD Ameritrade won’t come cheap, and the terms will likely be quite rigid with the indy pro team playing second fiddle to the College World Series.  Finally, we would also expect a huge intimacy/atmosphere problem at the park, with at least 75 percent of the 24,000 seats sitting empty on any given night.  Read more here.

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