Poinstreak Announces Baseball iPad App

PRESS RELEASE – Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. officially announced today K-ForCE 2.0, a new version of Pointstreak’s baseball scoring software that includes support for Apple’s popular iPad device. This latest version will allow Pointstreak’s baseball and softball clients to take advantage of the large screen size, long battery life and affordability offered by the iPad.

The first version of Pointstreak’s K-ForCE – the first-ever baseball scoring app available on iTunes – was initially designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For the second version of K-ForCE, Pointstreak’s engineers took advantage of the iPad’s capabilities by creating a native iPad app, as opposed to simply converting the existing iPhone app to the iPad using Apple’s ‘compatibility mode’.

“The iPad is the ideal device for our core concept of replacing the paper score sheet with an electronic version” said Gregg Sayer, Pointstreak’s VP Communications, “It nails many of the attributes that we and our customers look for in a good hardware solution: Large, intuitive touch-screen. Connected. Portable. And perhaps most importantly, its price point is within reach of the average sports league or team.”

Stephen Rakonza, the lead engineer behind K-ForCE 2.0, was the first to experience scoring a baseball game on an iPad: “It’s an absolute pleasure. I know people will enjoy scorekeeping their baseball games on an iPad.”

Early users of Pointstreak’s app seem to agree. A recent review on iTunes by user TheAppStoreKid rated the app 5 out of 5 stars with the comment “[K-ForCE 2.0] makes keeping score a breeze. I have used the ESPN iScore application and I think this one beats that by a lot. I love being able to export my scorecard as a PDF and print it out to keep”.

Highlights of K-ForCE 2.0 include:

· Native iPad Support
· Redesigned ‘At Bat’ view includes on screen pitch by pitch stats updates
· Popover ‘At Bat’ view allows scoring directly from the main scoresheet view
· Improved Play By Play game summary report
· Downloadable team rosters – not just for MLB, but for any baseball or softball league that uses Pointstreak’s stats system
· 32 page/6 page PDF reports
· Optimized for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
· Overall stability fixes over K-ForCE 1.0

Pointstreak’s K-ForCE 2.0 baseball and softball scoring software is a ‘universal app’, meaning the same download will automatically detect if the user’s device is an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Users who already have K-ForCE 1.0 installed on their iPhone or iPod Touch can upgrade to the new iPad version for free.

What’s next in the development queue for Pointstreak’s iPad app? Rakonza adds “We have some great ideas to fully exploit what the iPad can do, but we’re keeping them close to our chest for the time being.”

Pointstreak K-Force 2.0 baseball iPad app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

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