Challenges in Del Rio for Upstart Pecos League

The Pecos League that has emerged from the ashes of the Continental Baseball League hopes to launch a franchise in Del Rio (TX) beginning in 2011.  But the cost of the initial renovations to Roosevelt Park ($18,000 to move the outfield fence and $25,000 to move home plate) and the timetable bring into question whether this will happen.  Quite frankly, these modifications are relatively minor and not nearly enough to create long term viability for any real professional team.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Challenges in Del Rio for Upstart Pecos League

  1. KB

    Like I said before, just squint and turn your head sideways. Then you see it somewhat resembles a baseball league (of any level).

  2. ballparkbiz

    Understood, but if a league is going to call itself professional (“Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs”), we will hold it to professional standards. We apply this same level of scrutiny to the top summer collegiate leagues, where franchises are operated professionally as sports entertainment businesses.

  3. Mike Nolan

    The Pecos League will be more of a beer league than the Continental was. Call it “semi-pro” and leave it at that.

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