Big Bend Cowboys Out, Replacement on Deck?

The defunct Continental Baseball League’s Big Bend (Alpine, TX) Cowboys will apparently not be part of the burgeoning Pecos League.  This is unfortunate, as the CBL Cowboys have the only non-amateurish branding in the Continental or the new Pecos.  The franchise will be replaced by the non-profit Alpine 06 Cowboys, which are named after the regionally infamous Kokernot 06 Ranch.

The Cowboys reportedly ran into financial trouble, which isn’t surprising.  Despite having “The Best Little Ballpark in Texas” in Kokernot Field, you simply can’t place a professional team in a community of under 7,000 people and expect to survive without subsidy or charity.

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One response to “Big Bend Cowboys Out, Replacement on Deck?

  1. Ray Hendryx

    I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but you apparently know a good deal more about our baseball franchise than we, the shareholders, do. And we met just one week ago. Please enlighten me about where you’re information is coming from so that I may enlighten the rest of the Cowboys ownership.
    It seems to me that your story is speculative and premature, and in fact, may not have much basis in fact.

    Ray Hendryx
    Alpine, Texas

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