Ballpark Business Releases 2010 Summer Collegiate Attendance Rankings

The 2010 summer collegiate baseball season has come to a close, and our annual Summer Collegiate Top 50 per game average attendance rankings are now available.  For the first time, every team in our Top 50 cracked the 1,000 per game mark, which demonstrates that the summer collegiate industry is becoming more and more professionalized and focused on the fun and entertainment aspect of the business.

Topping our list for the third year in a row are Northwoods League powerhouses Madison Mallards (#1) and LaCrosse Loggers (#2).  The Coastal Plain League’s Fayetteville SwampDogs (#3) and NECBL’s Newport Gulls (#4) have consistently performed at the gate for years with impressive attendance numbers.

Making a jump into the top five this year are the Okotoks Dawgs (#5), our lone franchise from the Great White North.  Described as a “grassroots baseball phenomenon” by The Globe and Mail, the Dawgs story is an amazing one.  Just a few years ago, the Dawgs were kicked out of 6,000-seat Foothills Stadium by the independent professional Calgary Vipers.  Rather than leaving town with their tails between their legs and a whimper, the Dawgs set up shop just 20 miles south of Calgary in the suburb of Okotoks.  Since moving into state-of-the-art Seaman Stadium in 2007, the Dawgs have outperformed the Vipers through the turnstiles.  This year, it’s the Dawgs 2,223, Vipers 1,648 (to date).

Two teams making double digit climbs this year in the Top 50 are the Brazos Valley Bombers (#18) and Amsterdam Mohawks (#22).  Both teams hold single game attendance records in their respective leagues.  Making their debut in the rankings in only their first season of existence are the Walla Walla Sweets (#23), Wisconsin Rapids Rafters (#24), Morehead City Marlins (#42), and Nashville Outlaws (#47).

Teams not making the Top 50 this year but coming very close are the Alexandria Aces, which made the switch from indy pro ball to summer collegiate play in 2010, the inaugural Willmar Stingers and Cowlitz Black Bears, and the second year Victoria Generals, which raised their per game attendance from  547 in 2009 to 952 in 2010.  View rankings here.


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4 responses to “Ballpark Business Releases 2010 Summer Collegiate Attendance Rankings

  1. the Dawgs story is an amazing one.

  2. Wonder if attendance as a percentage of population might be a useful metric for summer collegiate baseball? Also, do all summer collegiate baseball programs count the same way? (E.g., actual “turnstile” count vs. number of tickets distributed regardless of the actual “butts in the seats” way of figuring attendance.

    That said, this was very useful and interesting information! It’ll be a data source which we will be tracking. Thanks for doing it!

    • ballparkbiz


      We will be working on a per capita rankings for all of baseball. We expect that some of the summer collegiate teams will do quite well, as many of them operate in smallar markets.

      Regarding attendance reporting, ideally we would like to see all teams report only butts in the seat. However, we know that this is rarely the case. We can live with teams reporting tickets “sold,” but we don’t want to see teams reporting tickets “distributed,” which would include giving away tickets, or simply padding (lying about) their numbers.

      While we can’t monitor every team, if we find that a franchise is crossing the line in their attendance reporting, we will ban them. This has happend to a couple of teams, where we had local fans and reporters feed us attendance information. In fact, two years ago, we had one team from a highly regarded league report 2,600 per game, when their actual number was under 500. Other teams in their league actually ratted them out. This was confirmed after we talked with a local sports reporter. We also visit a lot of parks, and we can compare the actual crowd with the attendance numbers reported the next day.


  3. I am a California Community College news media web editor and am interested in information and statistics that come from your website/org.

    Thank you.

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