Statement from the Broncos

PRESS RELEASE – The Laredo Broncos are disappointed with today’s budget approval vote given to Ventura Group to operate in the new baseball stadium.

The Laredo Broncos are proud of the 5 years that we have operated at a stadium which many consider to be outdated, but we were anxious to get baseball back in Laredo after a decade without America’s pastime, so we put our heads down and resurrected the life of pro baseball, working hard with the hopes of a new stadium that we were instrumental in pitching for and ultimately the taxpayers voted for in approval.

It’s been hard to operate out of Veterans Field, but we never complained, the Broncos continue to strive to put the best product available with the limited resources Veterans Field can provide a modern day minor league baseball operation.

Through the years, our loyal fans is what kept us going, year in and year out.

We have 11 games left in the 2010 season, 8 games starting August 11th, we urge fans to come out for the last 11 games and pack the place and send a message to the city council that you support the Laredo Broncos.

Like the Broncos teams of the last 5 years, we fight for every inch, until the very last out.

While we are down and out right now in the political scoreboard, the game is not over and it’s now your turn to bat……..What are you going to do?

Play Ball !

– The Laredo Broncos Organization

View video here.

Last 11 Games Wed. August 11 – Wed. August 18 and final 3 games August 28, 29 and 30th

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