Del Rio on Deck for Pecos League, Silly Numbers Tossed About

The City of Del Rio (TX) is being courted by the developing Pecos League, or vice versa, and all signs point to another Continental Baseball League fiasco in the making.  League chief Andrew Dunn, who also owns the Las Cruces Vaqueros, has told the community that the team budget would be about $121,ooo, would average a “good” 220 fans a game, and shared with the community powers an average franchise profit in the league of $129,000.  We know team budgets, and we would love to see this one!

What is also telling here is that the league is demanding improvements be made to Roosevelt Park.  No, not better concessions, improved restrooms, or expanded seating capacity, but a larger field of play.  The league is also gunning for a new ballpark for the 2012 season, which is incredibly ballsy considering the league has not even played a game.

We further find it interesting that Dunn states that the job of the league is to “put a quality product on the field.”  Wrong.  The primary job of the league should be to create team and market stability by ensuring solid and well-financed team ownership, and that each team is being operated professionally and successfully as a minor league-style sports entertainment business.  The reality here is that play in the league will be the absolute lowest in the industry.  Accept this fact and focus on the off-field fun and entertainment that will actually drive attendance.

Finally, we find it unprofessional that in a very short period of time the name for the proposed Del Rio franchise has gone from the Petroleros to the Bombers to the Gunslingers, and now the league is using the same logo for this franchise as the one used for the proposed Pueblo Wranglers.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Del Rio on Deck for Pecos League, Silly Numbers Tossed About

  1. KB

    For some reason, I love the the Pecos League and its predecessor, the Continental Baseball League. It’s crazy, unorganized, and poorly marketed.

    But, if you turn your head sideways and squint just right, you can just make out a professional baseball league.

    Fun to follow, even if the season isn’t.

    • ballparkbiz

      So you just can’t help but watch? I’ve never heard of the term baseball industry rubbernecker (BIR), but consider it now part of our official vocabulary.

      It is certainly interesting, albeit painful after watching numerous leagues and teams crash and burn over the past 15 years. The same mistakes continue to repeat themselves, and good potential markets get polluted along the way. We wish the Pecos the best, but the initial signs do not point to a promising future.

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