Windsor (CA) a Target for New Ballpark, Affiliated Club

The Windsor (Sonoma County, CA) Town Council will consider on Wednesday a proposal by Pacific Baseball Partners to build a privately financed $10 million ballpark on an 8 to 10 acre site that would be acquired by the local redevelopment agency.  The ballpark would apparently be for an affiliated club, which we assume would be the California League’s Bakersfield Blaze or High Desert Mavericks.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Windsor (CA) a Target for New Ballpark, Affiliated Club

  1. Scott Moudry

    I agree, a 10 million dollar ballpark? It can be done but without a lot of bells and whistles. Just a video board is a million +

  2. ballparkbiz


    I believe the parking lot is separate from the 10 acres and $10m. I think $10m would be fine for a Rookie level, but you may be right when it comes to Single-A. I have visited the park in Idaho Falls a couple of times, and they built a pretty nice park for $5 million. They saved bucks by building on the same site as the old park, so they didn’t have to worry about the field, lights, outfield fence, infrastructure, etc.


  3. John Dittrich

    It will require more than 10 acres unless there is already adequate parking nearby. And… It would quite a feat to build a facility which meets affiliated minimum standards for just $10 million. The people involved need to do a little more homework. JPD

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