Pecos League Gearing Up with 12 Teams

It appears that the new Houston-based Pecos League that is set to replace the failed Continental Baseball League will begin play next season with 12 teams.  The teams involved give the appearance that the operation will be a rickety one out of the starting gate, but we’ll reserve judgement.  Read more here.  One of the teams will apparently be the Pueblo (CO) Wranglers, which have an amateur website up and running at  The cartoon logo and weak uniform design for the team also leave much to be desired.  We truly wish these teams would actually spend a few bucks on branding to make that all-important professional first impression.  The Wranglers will apparently play at Hobbs Field at the Runyon Sports Complex, but no word yet if an actual lease agreement has been reached.


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2 responses to “Pecos League Gearing Up with 12 Teams

  1. lamearmjr

    Come get all the true information at the Pecos League Fan Forum

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