Ballpark Dimensions, Details Unveiled for New Omaha Royals Park

PRESS RELEASE – The Sarpy County ballpark promises to be a unique venue on and off the field for fans and players alike.  That became clear after the Omaha Royals unveiled final plans for the field and the stadium at a media briefing June 9.

The ballpark’s dimensions will be 315 feet down the right field line, 310 feet to left, and 402 feet (like the local area code) to straightaway center.  But the outfield walls will curve and bend to provide plenty of suspense on drives to the gap and fly balls near the wall. 

Players will enter the field via clubhouses located behind left field and the bullpens will be behind the center field fence. 

Fans will find plenty of amenities when they enter the ballpark.  The 6,282 permanent seats will put them close to the field and the action.  Fans down the left field line will be able to watch the action from seats that are angled toward the infield.  And, some fans will be able to view the game from a dugout located just below those seats.  In the left field corner, about 450 fans will be able to watch from a home run porch. 

A pedestrian walkway will encircle the stadium.  Total capacity, with berm-seating and standing-room areas will be about 8,600.

Construction is on schedule for the ballpark, and the field is expected to be sodded by September.  The Royals will begin play in their new home in April, 2011.

More details here and here from the Omaha-World Herald.

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