Repeat After Us: Redundancy Night Coming to Blair County Ballpark

PRESS RELEASE – Do the phrases:  “end result”, “unexpected surprise”, and “past experience” make you grind your teeth?  Do you ever feel like Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, in the movie “Groundhog Day”?  Do you ever wonder how many introductory press conferences NBA coach Larry Brown will wind up doing before he retires?

If you answered yes, yes, and yes to all three questions, you were not only redundant with your replies but you recognize and detest all things redundant.  On Wednesday when they host the Harrisburg Senators for a 7 p.m. game,  the Altoona Curve are going to test your limits, drive you nuts, and hopefully make you laugh at how many things we say or do repeatedly…again and again, if you will.  The Curve are calling it “Redundancy Night” and it will be the latest in the team’s “Wacky Wednesday” promotions in 2010.

Among the plans for the night, there will be free admission to those who match the following criteria:
•    Identical twins, triplets, quads
•    People with the similar first and last names (Dave Davies, this means you)
•    People from New York, NY;  Jersey City, NJ; Virginia Beach, VA; Kansas City, KS
•    People who are age 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, and 111
•    People who have a double digit end to their birth year (’00 – ’99)
Other activities being planned include:
•    A giveaway of broken records
•    Same on-field contest every inning
•    Redundant phrases in Public Address announcer Rich DeLeo’s script throughout the night
•    Every batter will have their name, number, and position announced twice
•    Same “walk-up” music will be played for every batter
•    Promotions director Matt Hoover will receive a pie in the face every inning
•    Fans in redundant seats like Sec. 101, Row 10, Seat 1 will win prizes
•    Clips from the movie “Groundhog Day” will be played over and over
•    Salute to those who have worked the same job or been married to the same spouse for 25 or more years
•    Tribute to those redundant things in the history of sports including:
        o Pittsburgh Steelers winning Super Bowls
        o New York Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner hiring and firing Billy Martin
        o Introductory press conferences for NBA coach Larry Brown
        o Non-championship seasons for Cleveland’s professional sports franchises
If that’s not enough, we’ll even mock our new jingle, “Make Your Way to Curve, Pa.” which has more “heys” in the lyrics than perhaps any tune conjured up in the history of man.

Join us.  Come on out.  Don’t miss it.  It’s “Redundancy Night” at Blair County Ballpark.  It’s “Redundancy Night at Blair County Ballpark.  Double your pleasure.  Double your fun.

Fans can obtain tickets by calling 877-99-CURVE, online at or in person at the Blair County Ballpark ticket windows.

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