Uprooted Vacaville Stadium Could Be Rebuilt Soon

It has been several years since then-Travis Credit Union Park, former home of the defunct Western Baseball League’s Solano (Vacaville, CA) Steelheads, was dismantled and moved to Redding (CA) to be the new home for the Simpson Unversity baseball program and the summer collegiate Colt. 45s.  Slow fundraising in a tough economy has kept the stadium puzzles pieces locked away in storage, but with $350,000 now in the hopper, there may be movement to complete the first phase of the project by next year, which would include the field, lights, fencing, dugouts, and 550 grandstand seats.

A second phase of the project would add concessions, clubhouses, and seating that would increase capacity to 2,800 to 3,000. The original fundraising goal for the project was $2.2 million.  Read more here.

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