‘Livin La Vida Lunchmeat’ Promo Having Fun with All Things Meaty

PRESS RELEASE – No offense to vegetarians, but Wednesday, May 19 will be a day to celebrate all things meat at Blair County Ballpark as the Altoona Curve host the Akron Aeros. In the second installment of the Curve’s “Wacky Wednesday” theme nights, the working title is “Livin’ La Vida Lunchmeat”. While several forms of lunchmeat are laughable (i.e. braunschweiger, olive loaf), the Curve haven’t limited themselves to just mid-day favorites. Here is a list of things planned for the night, while some other items are sure to be done “off the hoof”:

Red Meat vs. White Meat = Total consumption by Curve fans for the night will be tallied and a winner will be declared once and for all. Hmmm…hot dogs and hamburgers vs. chicken and pork…smells like a landslide of 1984 presidential election proportions.Rally Mascot Switch: Hot dog character “Frank” will come back and make a cameo as the Curve’s run-celebrating mascot and “Al Tuna”, the fish character will stay out to sea. After all, fish isn’t meat…or is it?

Meat Eaters’ Derby: Eight participants, three rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals) with Chicken, Hot Dogs, and Lunchmeat the fare to be gorged upon. The winner of the eat-off will receive free lunch for a year featuring lunchmeat from Kunzler, bread from Pacifico Bakery, and snack chips from Herr Foods.

Lunchmeat Launch – Making Turkey Meat Fly: “WKRP in Cincinnati” Owner Arthur Carlson was unsuccessful with his turkey drop. Can the Curve right a wrong? Maybe a better question is “Will fans want to catch falling lunchmeat?

“Bringing Home the Bacon: Post-game, pig-catching contest among selected fans will be held on the field. Contestants’ hands will be greased to increase the challenge. The winner will be the proud recipient of a pig to roast compliments of Holland Brothers Meat. For those wondering, no, it will not be the same pig that is caught in the contest.

Canadian Bacon vs. Ham Jousting Contest: The red and green jousters, who are gaining fame in Curve, Pa., will battle it out to determine if there’s any difference between the two meats. There isn’t, right?

Lunch Lady Land: Adam Sandler’s cult favorite will be the featured song in the M&T Bank “Finish That Tune” promotion. Hoagies and grinders? Navy beans, navy beans, navy beans? Meatloaf sandwiches? Oh, the possibilities.

Before we go any further, a night like this would not be complete without a soundtrack of tunes by Meat Loaf. Will you love us, forever?

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