Puget Sound Collegiate League Formed

A new summer collegiate league has been launched in the Pacific Northwest called the Puget Sound Collegiate League.  The six teams named are the Tumwater Brewers, Hawks Prairie Cardinals, Nisqually Silvers, West Olympia Linx, Olympia Athletics and the Lacey Saints.  This is a pay to play league, so we don’t expect the league or the teams to be run minor league-style.  Players will be socked for $3,000 each.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Puget Sound Collegiate League Formed

  1. No, it won’t be set up minor league style at the beginning. Once the entire complex is completed the potential is there. The Regional Athletic Complex in Lacey is where the games will be held. The teams are named after different areas around Thurston County. There is a plan and the response has been good. But a pay to play league made the most sense with the extreme need for the small college and JC players that don’t have a place to play in the NW. This is truly a developmental league.

  2. The player fee is $600. The $3000 was a misprint.

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