New League in the Works for Louisiana II

As a follow up to our posting yesterday about a new summer collegiate baseball league being launched by Global Scouting Bureau in Louisiana, we thought we should try to fill in a few blanks.

As we mentioned yesterday, Sean Boudreaux, GSB’s scouting coordinator, has been identified as the commissioner of the new league.  GSB is led by James Gamble.  Gamble ran the Southeastern Baseball League that folded in 2003 after only two seasons.  He then hooked up with the only remaining franchise, the Pensacola Pelicans, where he remains the director of player procurement.  The Pelicans now play in the indy pro American Association.

As we reported, GSB was also the management partner for the Florida Winter Baseball League, which suspended operations last fall before the end of the circuit’s first season.  Gamble served as the FWBL’s executive director.  Boudreaux served as the GM for the league’s Cocoa (FL) franchise.

It’s unclear whether the league’s suspension of operations was merely a result of undercapitalization by the league’s founders, mismanagement by GSB, or both.  Articles from the past refer to large expenses and very small crowds at games.  In a press release, GSB blamed the FWBL for “failed commitments” and announced “a formal separation from the client.”

GSB also had an affiliation with the South Coast League that folded in 2007 after one year of operation.  We believe GSB was brought on board to handle player acquisition and not league management, as Jamie Toole, now with the indy pro Northern League’s Joliet JackHammers, ran that show.

Both Gamble and Boudreaux are, at their core, on-field baseball guys.  Gamble has been involved with some business operations, but it seems that anything he’s been involved with pertaining to the operation of teams or leagues has not turned to gold.  The pair’s success appears to revolve around player development.

What does the future hold for this new louisiana-based summer collegiate league?  The signs are telling, but only time will tell.


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3 responses to “New League in the Works for Louisiana II

  1. Tania

    GSB not only ran the FWBL into the ground, all of the sponsors, reps, families, players, and coaches ended up with the short end of the stick. Be aware of these guys and do your homework!

  2. Scott

    Wow. How much are season tickets. Do you think they will pro-rate those tickets for the 12 games the league will last? As a person now working in baseball after working for the FWBL I can not wait to see how this goes.

  3. kevin

    Haha haha. This is is the funniest thing I have ever seen! GSB is so worthless! Looks like they have a great resume! one team out of 4 leagues is still running! Looks great! Be aware of the gsb they are an awful organization! They will run leagues into the ground as you can already see!

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