15 Scoop, Fifth Third Fanatic Freeze Sundae One of Many New Foods

PRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday, March 24th, the Toledo Mud Hens held their annual ‘new food’ press conference. Craig Nelson and the folks from V/Gladieux unveiled a number of new food items that will be available to fans at Fifth Third Field in 2010. The cameras were clicking furiously as the Fifth Third Fanatic Freeze sundae (15 scoops of ice cream!) was topped off and carried to the table to be displayed.

V/Gladieux General Manager Craig Nelson said, “Every year we compile a list of potential new menu items. The list is comprised of suggestions from our fans as well as new products presented to us from our suppliers.”

“This year the big item is the ‘Fifth Third Fanatic Freeze Sundae’ which is fifteen scoops of Toft’s ice cream served in a full size souvenir helmet for $25. It will serve 1 to 8 fans, you can enjoy by yourselves if you love ice cream or share with family and friends.”

Click for more information on new 2010 food items.

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