Drillers to Auction Off Drillers Stadium Memorabilia

PRESS RELEASE – Fans looking to get their hands on a part of “old” Drillers Stadium have one last chance to own a piece of its history. The Tulsa Drillers will be auctioning equipment and memorabilia from the stadium on Tuesday March 23 at 11:00 AM. The auction will take place at Drillers Stadium at 15th and Yale.

“March 31st marks the end of the Drillers’ lease and the end of an era as they prepare for the season opener on April 8th at ONEOK Field” said auctioneer Jay Litchfield. “This will give ample time for auction-goers to remove their purchases by the end of the month.”

Baseball and concessions equipment will make up most of the auction. The iconic scoreboard, three 60 feet by 30 feet steel framed party pavilions and a “Jupiter Jump” will also be parts of the auction.

Other items include a 75 feet by 35 feet netted batting cage as well as numerous signs. Concessions equipment including walk-in coolers, cotton candy machines and ice cream makers will also be sold.

“We are excited to have Jay Litchfield and 20bid30.com conduct the auction that will help us finalize our move to downtown Tulsa,” said Drillers General Manager Mike Melega.

For terms of sale, photos and a complete list of available items, visit 20bid30.com.

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