Quakes’ Saturday Nights = Fireworks and Fun

PRESS RELEASE – The Quakes are knocking on the door of the 2010 California League Season! As Opening Day approaches, more and more exciting announcements will be coming, preparing us all for April 8th at the Epicenter.

With just 21 days until Opening Day, the Quakes are thrilled to announce that Saturdays mean Fireworks at The Epicenter in 2010. Fans will enjoy a post-game Fireworks Extravaganza after each of the Quakes’ 11 Saturday home games.

Couple those 11 Fireworks Displays with Opening Night Fireworks on April 8th and Season Finale Fireworks on September 2nd, and the Quakes will be lighting up the sky above The Epicenter on a total of 13 nights.

“We think our fans are going to have a lot of fun on Saturday nights, highlighted with an evening-capping Fireworks Show,” said Vice President / General Manager Grant Riddle. “It’s going to be a fun year at The Epicenter and Saturday Night Fireworks is a great tradition that fans will continue to enjoy for years to come.”

Don’t forget that individual game tickets go on sale on Monday, March 29th at 10am. Mini-Season Tickets, which include all 13 Fireworks Shows during the 2010 season, are on sale now. Call the Quakes at (909) 481-5000 to start enjoying the perks of being part of the Quakes’ family. We hope to see you at The Epicenter very soon…Go Quakes!

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