Drillers Unveil New Uniforms

PRESS RELEASE – The Tulsa Drillers revealed new team uniforms and caps during a press conference Monday afternoon at ONEOK Field. The new look for the Drillers will feature a rich, royal blue as the team’s new primary color.

With the new uniforms, the Drillers have kept their primary logo, while tweaking the colors within it.

The new home uniforms are white with blue trim and feature the Drillers script logo across the front. The home jerseys will also have the player’s names across the backs.

The road uniforms feature light grey pants and jerseys with Tulsa printed across the front.

The Drillers will now have only one on-field game cap. It is also a solid, royal blue with the team’s “T” logo in front outlined in a light blue. It is the same “T” that was introduced in 2004, but the colors have been changed and enhanced to approve its appearance. It will be worn for all home and road games.

A third, alternate jersey was also introduced during the press conference. It is solid blue with copper piping and has the Drillers logo across the front. This jersey will be worn on special occasions for both home and road games.

To view a photo album of the new uniforms, Click Here. Drillers General Manager Mike Melega said the team wanted to take advantage of its move into a new stadium to change and improve the club’s look on the field.

“When we became a Colorado Rockies affiliate in 2003, we did not change our uniforms until the following year,” Melega said. “In the end, we felt like that was a mistake, and we wanted to make sure we took advantage of our move into a brand-new facility and offer a brand-new look,” he added.

“Part of the thinking with our change is to give the team a strong, primary color that will allow our fans to relate with our players. We want to encourage fans to wear blue to the games and turn ONEOK Field into a sea of blue.”

The new caps are already on sale at ONEOK Field and at TulsaDrillers.com. An assortment of T-shirts, jerseys and sweatshirts will also be available shortly.

The Drillers are scheduled to open the 2010 season with the opening of ONEOK Field on Thursday, April 8. Tulsa will host Corpus Christi at 7:05PM in the first game.

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