Revs Introduce Newest South “Paw”

PRESS RELEASE – With three lefties already signed to this year’s pitching staff, and more perhaps on the way, the York Revolution today announced the addition of the newest member of the Revolution family. At a press conference this afternoon, the Revs introduced their newest south “paw’.

“I’m sure he’ll want to mark his territory right away, but I’ll need to see him and evaluate his abilities to determine how he best fits in,” said Revolution Manager and Director of Baseball Operations Andy Etchebarren. “Still, I’m excited to be able to add him to the organization. Getting his paw print on the dotted line is a big step.”

Revolution officials have indicated that while he might be young, he does come from the working class, and also knows a lot of vets, which should help break him in. He’s a little bit raw and will probably end up in Etch’s dog house at some point, but he possesses the ability to dig himself out of a hole, and it’s a risk that the organization seems willing to accept.

Corey Thurman playing with the Revolution's dog

“You just never know with a prospect like this,” said Revolution General Manager Matt O’Brien. “We may have him on a tight leash initially. But it’s a long season, and we’re looking for someone with high energy, even bordering on ‘frisky’, to help get us through the dog days of summer. We’re confident he can be groomed to be the face of the franchise for many years to come.”

The rookie comes recommended by the SPCA, the Revs’ presenting partner for the 2010 season.

“He currently lacks consistency and still needs proper discipline,” said Melissa Smith, SPCA Executive Director. “I’m sure there will be accidents, but he’ll have supportive teammates around him to bat ‘clean-up’ and such. As his training progresses, he’ll develop greater command and control. He’ll also be very obedient and extremely loyal to his new family. We hope that this will result in similar call-ups for other hopefuls in our care – young rookies and aged veterans alike.”

Pitching Coach Mark Mason offered another point of view.

“He can get a little riled up, and sometimes barks at umpires when he should just sit,” said Mason. “He does crave attention, but the bottom line is he has great stuff. His spit-ball is nasty. Maybe illegal, but it’s full of bite. He’s got a few other tricks too. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

The Revs’ newest addition is sponsored by Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg, who had a major hand in negotiating his contract and tasty signing “bone-us”. Health care for this young prospect will be provided by the East York Vet Center. Members from both organizations, as well as the SPCA, were on-hand at the press conference.

“This won’t be just another walk in the park,” added Etchebarren. “Performing at the professional level is not just a mere dog and pony show. But we think he’s a real diamond in the ‘ruff’. I know he’ll be a fan favorite.”

The team will be holding a naming contest soon.

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