American Legion’s Exclusive Control of Powers Field Being Challenged

The Mountain Collegiate Baseball League’s Cheyenne Grizzlies and other local amateur baseball groups have essentially been blocked from using Powers Field, a $3 million facility built several years ago and leased exclusively to American Legion Post 6 for $1 per year for 15 years.

Seeking equal access for all teams to play at the facility, a local nonprofit group Citizens for Open Parks, Inc. has asked the City of Cheyenne to terminate the lease agreement.  They argue that granting Post 6 exclusive control over the park violates the terms of the federal grants used to build the facility and violates the equal access provisions of the Wyoming constitution.  The group has hired an attorney, who has already been in contact with the city.

In response, the city is currently working to set up a meeting with Post 6 to determine if they are willing to voluntarily terminate the lease agreement.  If not, expect this situation to get even uglier than it is right now.  Read more here.

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