Texas Tomcats Unveil Logos, Inaugural Uniforms

PRESS RELEASE – The Texas Tomcats, the newest franchise in the Texas Collegiate League, have unveiled two sets of uniforms for their 2010 inaugural season.  The team introduced home and road uniforms in the official team colors of purple, black, white, and silver.

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The home uniform is a white button-up with a small “Texas” and larger “Tomcats” decorating the chest.  Crossing the second “T” in “Tomcats” is the vapor trial coming out of the back of an F-14 Tomcat fighter plane.  A patch on the left sleeve displays the team’s primary logo which features a tomcat character with aviator goggles on its head surrounded by the team name “Texas Tomcats”. 

The road rendition is a black button-up with a large “Texas” and smaller “Tomcats” across the chest.  On this design the plane is shooting upward out of the “X” in “Texas”.  Like its home counterpart, the road jersey has the team’s primary logo on the left sleeve.

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With the uniforms, the Tomcats also released the design of the team’s two official hats.  The home hat is solid black and features an aggressive, interlocking double “T” with the front “T” being white and the back “T” being silver.  Where the two letters overlap is a star, honoring the star found on the Texas state flag.  A Tomcat fighter plane is crossing the middle of both letters.  The alternate cap is black with a purple bill and features the head of the team’s Tomcat character.

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The Tomcats will wear the new uniforms for their inaugural season, which opens on June 1 in Victoria against the Generals.  The team returns home for its historic home opener on June 6 against the Alexandria Aces.

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