Hi-Toms Launch Sportswear Business

PRESS RELEASE – The HiToms Baseball Club announced today the unveiling of their newest athletics venture: H.T. Authentic Sportswear. A custom, moisture management apparel line, H.T. Authentic provides customers with over 15 different color options, five fabric choices and six design styles.

Interjecting color and creativity into a sportswear industry that has been locked into limited color choices and homogenized styles, H.T. Authentic is committed to transferring the role of fashion designer from the factory to the individual.

Providing youth teams, high school squads and colleges with the opportunity to showcase their school colors and broadcast their fashion sense, H.T. Authentic Sportswear is poised to upgrade the moisture management industry from the age of color television to High Definition T.V.

This empowerment of the consumer is also seen in H.T. Authentic’s commitment to its roots. Poised to energize the High Point/Thomasville community in not only sales but manufacturing as well, H.T. Authentic will be completely manufactured (Imported and Domestic Fabrics will be utilized) in the U.S. and primarily fabricated in the High Point/Thomasville area.

The third facet of H.T. Authentic’s uniqueness is its affordability. Priced at 25% less than the industry’s leading, moisture management lines, H.T. Authentic’s solid, color styles provide athletes with the same performance characteristics as competitors, but at a much greater value. 

With a mission squarely centered on inspiring the sports fashion industry, energizing the local economy and maximizing the consumer’s discretionary spending, H.T. Authentic is Your Colors! Your Way!

The first public display of H.T. Authentic will be Wednesday, February 16th at 1:30 p.m. in the HiToms’ new clubhouse at Finch Field in Thomasville, NC. Located on the corner of Ballpark and Washboard Rd., the Clubhouse is located (7003 Ballpark Rd.) behind the Ballpark Rd. Community Center on the Finch Field property site.

For more information call Greg Suire at 847-8667 or Troy McCrary at 688-0519.

The Thomasville HiToms are a member of the Coastal Plain League. The Coastal Plain League is the nation’s hottest collegiate baseball league. Celebrating its 14th season, the Coastal Plain League features 15 teams playing in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. The CPL gives players the chance to refine their skills with the use of wooden bats. Players are housed with local host families for the summer and past experiences have been very positive for both players and hosts.

Read news article here.  View brochure here.

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