Window Construction Project to Begin at Blair County Ballpark

PRESS RELEASE – The Altoona Curve announced on Wednesday a long-term preservation project for Blair County Ballpark.  Leading up to the start of the 2010 season, installation of protective windows on the exterior of the ballpark’s prominent decorative archways will occur.  The project is slated to begin in early February and be completed well in advance of the Curve’s home opener on Thursday, April 8.  In all, 18 archways will be enclosed with windows.

The purpose of the project is to preserve the structural integrity of the ballpark.  Over the course of the facility’s first eleven years, inclement weather has had the ability to enter the ballpark through the archways.  This has led to standing water in several areas of the upper concourse, which in turn has caused leakage into the lower concourse.  If not addressed, this leakage could cause larger structural problems to the ballpark.  The completion of this preventive-maintenance project should help ensure long-term structural integrity of the facility.

While the primary purpose for the project will be for structural purposes, the benefits will include improving the fan’s comfort in the early months of the season by cutting down the effects of wind and precipitation.  The windows will also enhance the aesthetics of the facility with long-term plans to use the glass as a forum in which great players and moments in Altoona Curve history can be commemorated. 

This window project will supplement an effort that began in November to assist drainage of precipitation that comes into the ballpark from the “field side” of the structure. In the past, following lengthy storms, water on the walkways between the 200 and 300 levels of the park would not drain properly, having to be removed manually.  New drains are currently being installed to remedy the issue and ensure efficient drainage in the future.  Combined, the window and drain project should rectify the effects of weather on the structure over the long term.

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