Create a ‘Be Your Own Fan’ Video

PRESS RELEASE – What does it mean to be a fan? Is it painting your face when you go to a game? Never taking off the jersey of your favorite player? Living and dying with each moment during the season as your team makes a run for the title? The St. Paul Saints are asking their fans to discover what it means to be a fan.

Fans are being asked to produce a 60-second video demonstrating the passion and dedication of what it means to them to “Be Your Own Fan.” Whether you’re a Saints fan, a fan of another team from Minnesota or you root for another team in a different sport in a different state or country, show us what you’ve got. The video can be as simple or as creative as you want to get and shouldn’t be any longer than one minute. All video links should be sent via twitter to @beyourownfan.

Select videos will be used at Midway Stadium during the Saints season and featured on the Saints website at The deadline is February 15.

The development of the “Be Your Own Fan” marketing campaign was aimed at capturing the foundation of fun combined with the small time company feel of the Goldklang Group, who own and operate teams in St. Paul (MN), Fort Myers (FL), Hudson Valley (NY) and Charleston (SC). The attempt is to remain true to their mission of providing excellent customer service that sets them apart from their competitors. Be Your Own Fan (BYOF) incorporates all aspects of entertainment and brand operation while incorporating immediate access and empowerment to all fans.

The origin of BYOF comes from the varied and unique experiences afforded at each of the parks, and the individual fan’s ability to choose the one that fits their desire. Whether they attend purely for the entertainment factor, the ballgame, or the camaraderie with friends and family, this allows for a customized approach, which embodies the essence of BYOF.

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