Oneonta to Norwich Rumors Reach Market

Rumors about a possible move of the the New York-Penn League’s Oneonta Tigers to Norwich, CT have stirred up the local market.  With a bottom of the barrel per game average attendance of 691 and a ranking of #264 on our annual attendance Mega-Rankings, a move would be no surprise.  To do so, however, the team would apparently have to breach their current lease contract.  When the team was sold in 2008, the deal included an agreement that the team could not be moved before the 2010 season.  In addition, notice of any move is required to be given by Dec. 31, which apparently it was not.  Read more here.

In addition to the Tigers, a move by the Batavia Muckdogs (#249 at 962 per game), Jamestown Jammers (#212 at 1,409 per game), and the Vermont Lake Monsters, which have challenges with their current facility, would also be no surprise.

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