Continental’s Alexandria Aces Announce Favorable Home Schedule

The Alexandria (LA) Aces from the independent Continental Baseball League will play 40 games at home and 20 on the road for the 2010 season.  Visiting teams include the Road Hogs and Pavement Crushers, which we understand to be traveling clubs.  The Aces will also play a home stand against Desert Valley (host community unknown).  The schedule includes home and away games against “Texas.”  We are not sure of the location of the Texas team, but as we mentioned a couple of week ago, the “Tyler Roses” name appears on the mileage chart on the Las Cruces Vaqueros website.  Recently added to the front page of the site is a logo for the “Twisters,” which we suspect could be a third traveling team.  Desert Valley, maybe?  View schedule here.

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