Future Still Cloudy for Baseball at Ottawa Stadium

Can_Am_LeagueThere appears to be no tenant yet for Ottawa Stadium for 2010.  We know that the independent professional Can-Am League continues to sniff around, but another group, Ottawa Stadium Group, has been trying to make a play for the park.  The group imposed a Nov. 7 deadline for an answer from the city on their proposal, and that was nearly a week ago.  Read more here.  The OSG group is not inerested in a Can-Am club, so this begs the question: What league are we talking about here? 

If it is an affilated club, which we highly doubt, the city would likely be all over it and relegate Miles Wolff and the Can-Am to the ash heap of Ottawa baseball history.

If it is not an affiliated club, that would leave a new, unknown circuit or maybe even the Golden Baseball League.  Why the Golden?  They have shown a propensity to travel far and thin, and they are eager to expand.  And, with three teams in the Great White North, they might see an opportunity to conquer Canada.  Oh no, Canadian Baseball League II?

The independent professional Atlantic League might be an option, but the circuit has a good thing going with fancy new stadiums in new markets, and it would surprise us if the league was at all interested in going down this risky road.  Would the travel costs and potential for failure tainting the league worth a tasty new franchise fee?

That being said, the city doesn’t appear to be doing backflips for the OSG deal.  This sends a signal to us that (1) the group may lack credibility, (2) the proposal is simply less appealing than a “potential” deal with the Can-Am or some other suitor, (3) or the city is pondering other non-baseball uses/plans for the park.

Isn’t speculation fun?  Have a good Friday.

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