Goldklang Group Unveils New Marketing Campaign, YouTube Video

Goldklang Group LogoFollowing the annual Goldklang Group organizational meetings, hosted in Atlantic City, the Group announced their 2010 marketing campaign.  The four teams; Charleston RiverDogs, Hudson Valley Renegades, St. Paul Saints, and Fort Myers Miracle will implement the “Be Your Own Fan” campaign effective immediately. View video here.  A new web series will be aired bi-monthly taking on a roundtable format.  The clubs’ General Managers are scheduled to appear on the inaugural episode.

The Group realized great success from previous marketing campaign Fun Is Good and applied the strategy and “feel” of that motto to create an updated marketing package for 2010 and beyond.  “The growing sentiment within the industry is that fans have recognized unprecedented power in determining their experiences, and that strategies to both recognize and capitalize on this trend must be contemplated and implemented,” said Tyler Tumminia, vice president of marketing and operations.  “Allowing the fans to choose what aspects of the entertainment pertain to their desires, while continuing to control the experience, is key to maintaining our tradition and reputation as the foremost ownership group in the sport.”

The development of the marketing campaign was aimed at capturing the foundation of fun combined with their small company feel and attempt to remain true to their mission of providing excellent customer service that sets them apart from their competitors.  Be Your Own Fan (BYOF) incorporates all aspects of entertainment and brand operation while incorporating immediate access and empowerment to all fans.  The origin of BYOF comes from the varied and unique experiences afforded at each of the parks, and the individual fan’s ability to choose the one that fits their desire. Whether they attend purely for the entertainment factor, the ballgame, or the camaraderie with friends and family, this allows for a customized approach, which embodies the essence of BYOF.

ABOUT THE GOLDKLANG GROUP The Goldklang Group is a sports entertainment consulting and management firm.  The Group provides operational consulting and management services in all areas relating to sports franchise and event acquisition, promotion and operation. (

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