Rox on Rocky Ground?

Brockton Rox LogoThe independent professional Can-Am League Brockton Rox appear to be in serious financial trouble.  The franchise is carrying substantial financial debt, behind on bills, and not able to make its $30,000 per month lease payment.   Because of Brockton’s consistently strong performance at the gate and the team’s well-known and highly successful ownership group that includes actor Bill Murray, this is very surprising news.  But, we don’t expect the Rox to fold up shop any time soon.   While this is purely speculative analysis of the situation, it would not be beyond the realm of possibilities that this was a bold strategic business move on the part of the ownership group to leverage the challenges of a struggling economy to inspire the re-negotiation of a lease agreement.  In fact, one councilman alludes to possible lease modifications.  Read more here.

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