Beaverton Ballpark Funding Comes into Focus

Beavers LogoGary Brentano, the City of Beaverton’s lead negotiator for the proposed Beaverton ballpark project, presented funding specifics for a $45 million facility.  The stadium would be partially funded by an $8-$10 million upfront contribution from Portland Beavers owner Merritt Paulson, $500,00-$600,000 in annual lease payments, and a 6% ticket tax that would raise approximately $300,000 annually based on a per game average attendance of 4,200.  Even with these funding streams, there would still be a $17 million shortfall that must be reconciled.  The pricetag also does not include land acquisition costs.  Preliminary consideration of the project by the city council is expected next week.  Read more here.

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